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Laser Materials - What Works with a Laser?  

Epilog's CO2 laser engraving systems can engrave, cut, or mark many materials, all with one laser
system! Take a look below at a few examples. If you have a material that you don't see on the list,
or would like to see a sample engraving or cutting, visit our Applications Lab, or e-mail us at
rehatley@vnet.net  .

Below are a few of the many materials that you can work with on your Epilog laser system!

Engrave                                                 Cut

Wood                                                     Wood                                                                      
Plastic                                                  Plastic                                                              
Acrylic                                                  Acrylic                                                       
Glass                                                    Delrin
Coated Metals                                       Cloth            
Ceramic                                                Leather                         
Delrin                                                    Matte Board                                                                        
Paper                                                    Melamine                              
Cloth                                                     Paper                                                                              
Leather                                                  Pressboard                        
Marble                                                   Rubber
Matte Board                                           Wood Veneer                         
Melamine                                               Fiberglass                     
Paper                                                     Cork
Mylar                                                     Corian
Pressboard                                             Mylar
Anodized Aluminum    
Wood Veneer   
Stainless Steel    
Painted Metals    

To receive more information on how you can afford a laser system, fill out our brochure request form and we will
send you information about each of our systems. We will also send you a cd demo of the system in action and
samples created with the laser systems!  
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Unique Features to the Epilog System Include:
  • HyperDrive advanced motion control software
precisely coordinates the firing of the laser beam to the position of the carriage.  This ensures that regardless of speed, length of     
stroke, or power of laser the resulting spot is precisely positioned. It also utilizes the technology of DC Servo motors and linear encoders
to move the laser carriage across the engraving area.
  • ServoMotors
the technology choice for virtually all precision industrial motion systems.  They provide the advantages of much faster start, stop, and
turnaround speeds than found in the less sophisticated
stepper motor systems.  Closed loop electronics in conjunction with 1200dpi
linear encoders provide realtime positional feedback and the most precise accuracy available.
  • 1200 DPI Servomotors vs. Steppers
you can send the average job at 600dpi (20% more resolution than some machines) and engrave it faster than other machines do at
500dpi.  Servos have much quicker initial acceleration and achieve top speed quicker than stepper motors.  Steppers have to pause at the
end of each line to turn.  On small to medium jobs steppers will spend more time stopping and turning than they will actually engraving.
  • 10-Base T Ethernet Connection (we also include USB)
Network Connections are Faster and more reliable
  • NeverWear bearing system (ground and polished steel) X arm steel bearings are designed to last many years compared to the
    plastic consumable bearings that other manufacturers produce that are to be replaced every year or less.
  • Kevlar Belts (double wide-"B" style) are used to provide the highest level of positional accuracy and carriage speed.  They are
    maintenance free and are long term durable.  Regularly scheduled replacement is not required.
Epilog's FiberMark and Fusion M2 Fiber
                            Direct Metal Marking Laser System
  • Etch stainless steel, aluminum, and many other metals and engineered
  • Send your files to the laser from most programs you already use.
  • Flying optic design allows for marking over entire 24" x 12" or 32"x20"
  • 30% less than a traditional Nd: YAG system
  • Mark 2-D data matrix, bar codes, serial numbers, logos, and text directly to
  • EZLoad front door panel allows you to insert full tables of parts at once
  • Open Architecture for a variety of software options
  • Flying Optic Beam Delivery
  • Non-Contact Fiber Laser Marking
  • LED Cabinet Lighting
  • Air Curtain
  • Vacuum Hold Down Table
Material Marking Capabilities
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Engineered Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Ceramics
  • Bare Metals- Steel, Aluminum, Carbide, Alloys